perjantai 1. huhtikuuta 2011

Time to review my trip to my NEW sauna!

I'v been waiting for it for so long... Almost lost my mental health  by only taking quick showers and not getting the chance to throw water on the burning hot kiuas.
I started my preparations for the sauna trip at around 19:00, by heating it.
The new instructions said i was good to go when the clock hits 19:30, but i decided to wait 15 minutes longer for the maximum heat :).
I took a quick shower ( If you can call it a shower, i just basically ran under the stream of water. More faster than Usain Bolt or Tyson Gay could ever accomplish )
When i sat down to the benches i wasn't able to resist myself anymore! I added a tiny droplet of eucalyptus scent on the water and began throwing the water like a little horny monkey.
The temperature quickly began raising over 120Celsius, which is on the brink of the line where sauna becomes painful rather than relaxing.
I held out as long as any man could and left the sauna at around 20:30 ( I do not have a clock in there, so it's just a good guess ) And once again was i satisfied for few days at best :).

Until next time
. I might even buy a new scent oil and maybe even do a little report for you guys :P

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